Experienced Counsel in Iowa City and Grinnell

Our focus is on the following areas of the law:

  • Family law — We understand that your family law dispute may be one of the most difficult and painful experiences you will ever have. Our attorneys understand how complicated such disputes can be, and how emotionally painful and exhausting it can be for you to go through. We represent clients in divorces, as well as other child custody, child support, and paternity disputes. We work with families to identify the most effective and efficient means to a resolution and take as much of the burden off our client as possible during such a difficult time.
  • Estate planning and probate — Losing a loved one to death or diminishing capacity is extremely difficult, and it also brings with it difficult choices. Protect yourself and your loved ones by planning for the future. A secure estate plan can help ensure your own protection, in the event of incapacitation. An estate plan can help your loved ones finalize your affairs according to your wishes if you should die, and it can also reduce the conflict between family members when helping follow through on your wishes. Our firm is experienced in estate planning, administration and probate to cover the full scope of your estate needs.
  • Business law — Building and managing a successful business starts with selecting the correct type of business to suit your needs. We can help you select a business entity to form a business, establish contracts and agreements, manage employee relations and plan for exit strategies that prevent business disputes. If you are buying or selling a business or the assets of a business, we can help complete your desired transaction.
  • MediationMediation is a way to resolve legal disputes outside of a court of law. Many counties in the state of Iowa require couples to use mediation during the divorce process or for other family law disputes. Regardless of the type of dispute, we set high expectations in relation to our mediation process — we want to resolve your dispute, but we also want to reduce the likelihood of future disputes (especially when families are involved).

We would like to help you by setting up a meeting at our offices in Iowa City or Grinnell. Phone consultations are also available. Contact us on the telephone or online to arrange an initial consultation with an attorney.