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In every divorce case, there are a variety of issues that must be addressed. One of these issues is property division. Since Iowa is an equitable distribution state, property and assets that were obtained during the course of the marriage should be divided equitably or fairly between the two parties. However, this does not always mean that each party gets a 50-50 share. To ensure your rights to assets and property are protected, turn to an experienced property division attorney at Herbold Law PC.

Our firm uses years of experience when handling all aspects of family law, including divorce and property division. We have an extensive understanding of the Iowa property division laws and can provide our clients with a comprehensive view of how property may be divided, as well as the asset valuation procedures, so they know what to expect from the process.

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Dividing Marital Property

The length of the marriage, the monetary and property contributions of each party to the marriage, the age of the parties and the earning capacities of each party are just some of the things that are considered when determining the most fair and equitable way in which property and asset distribution should occur.

There are many different types of property and assets that may be subject to division, such as:

  • Primary residences (family homes)
  • Vacation houses
  • Real property (whether developed or not)
  • Personal property
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Bank accounts and investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • 401(k)s
  • Pensions
  • Stock options
  • Closely held businesses

Separate Property

Throughout the course of a divorce, there may be property and assets that are designated "separate property." This means that the property is attributed to the named person and is generally not subject to division. The most common forms of separate property are gifts and inheritance received by a spouse. Prenuptial agreements and other factors can also protect property from being divided with a spouse through divorce.

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