Paternity Establishment Is Important For Your Child

Paternity cases consider the issues of custody rights, visitation rights, and child support for parents who have never been married. If it is unknown whether the father is the biological father, a paternity test will often be ordered. However, that is not always necessary. As with all matters involving a minor, the best interests of the child are extremely important. There can often be a difference of opinion regarding what is best for a child when it comes to custody, visitation, and other related issues. We work with our clients to reach an agreement with the other parent on these issues. If no reasonable outcome can be reached, we advocate for client's in court to obtain the custody arrangement they believe is best for their child. Paternity, custody and visitation are three very different things, and each has its own distinct legal process:

Paternity - Legally acceptable proof of parentage, through a genetic testing. Or, if the parents agree that a party should be established as a father, a paternity test is often not needed

Child custody and visitation - Child custody can mean either legal custody or physical custody. Legal custody involved the parents legal rights in relation to the child. For example, a parent who has legal rights will generally be able to talk to the child's school and doctor about the child. Physical custody referrers to what time each parent will have with the child living with him or her. There are three custody options: physical care, joint physical care, and visitation. If one parent has physical care, the other parent has visitation. If one parent has joint physical care then the other parent will have joint physical care.

Fathers' Rights

Law PC has established a strong reputation for providing Iowa fathers with aggressive legal representation in family law issues. The courts should not provide a father fewer custody rights on the sole basis of being a father rather than a mother. We aggressively advocate for fathers who are trying to be excluded from a child's life simply because they are fathers.

Because the law provides mothers with more rights in relation to a child born outside of a marriage, it is often best to have a clear custody order in place even if parents are getting along. This will ensure that your time with your child is legally established and cannot be inappropriately interfered with. It will also help to reduce conflict between parents and prevent the possibility of the child getting caught in the middle of a conflict.

Mothers' Rights

While a father has the ability to obtain custody rights in relation to their child, the role many mothers play as a parent should be preserved even if the father wants to be involved. We advocate for clients to maintain their relationship as a mother, with their child. While mothers often naturally end up providing most of the care for a child after birth, a father might not voluntarily take on his fair share of the responsibilities. If the father of your child is reluctant to provide the necessary proof, then we will get the necessary legal process started.

Experienced Attorney Helping Mothers And Fathers

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