Modifications To Divorce Agreements Post Divorce

Many people do not realize that court orders concerning alimony, child custody and visitation can be changed. The court will consider your requests based on the needs of the children, current family circumstances, or changes to your job or income level. Herbold Law PC provides legal advice and representation in matters involving the modification of a court order.

When Times Change

In the years following a divorce decree or other order establishing child custody, visitation, child support, medical support, alimony and other related issues, circumstances may change requiring a change to your decree or order. For example, visitation may be modified due to the relocation of a parent or a parent's inability to properly care for a child's best interest.

As your lawyer, we will sit down and discuss the changes in circumstances and your goals. Based on that information, we will provide an honest evaluation of the strength of your case and explain both your options and the potential consequences.

Efficient And Practical Solutions

Our objective is to identify the ways our firm can effectively and efficiently help you address the legal issues and resolve conflicts. Changing a court order does not necessarily have to be a long and complicated process. For example, when both parents agree to making reasonable changes to the child visitation schedule, the court will generally uphold those decisions. When decisions can be made through negotiations outside of the courtroom, they are often the best possible resolution for everyone involved.

Experienced Divorce And Support Modification Attorney

From our offices in Grinnell and Iowa City, Herbold Law PC, represents clients throughout the state of Iowa. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced modifications attorney.