A Resolution That Works For Your Divorce

For many people, going through a divorce is one of the most difficult and painful things they will ever do. At Herbold Law PC, we understand how trying and complicated this experience can be for the entire family. As your lawyer, we will recommend the divorce process best suited to your current situation and long term goals such as:

  • Legal separation (Separate Maintenance) - A couple remains married but chooses to live apart. The court order will detail the rights and duties of each person for as long as the separation lasts, in issues such as, child custody, visitation and property division.
  • Collaborative divorce - Being collaborative, or working together with the other party and his or her attorney, if they have one, can help parties to divorce without some of the additional emotional and financial costs of a contested divorce. Issues about property division, child custody and other related legal matters are settled outside of the court room. However, there are variations in the legal process used to finalize and file the documents.
  • Contested divorce - When any aspect of a divorce is brought to court and decided by a judge it is considered a contested divorce. While a small percentage of cases actually need to have a judge decide the case, it is important to effectively tell the judge your side of the story if the judge must decide.

Clear Communication And Efficient Solutions

Legal disputes, particularly those involving a divorce, can turn into stressful, time consuming and expensive experiences. We understand that most people want to find the most efficient means to resolving conflicts, dissolving the marriage and moving on with their lives.

Reaching those agreements can sometimes be challenging. Even when a couple has mutually agreed to dissolve the marriage, there are usually disputes over things like property division, child care and child visitation. Using communication techniques like mediation or negotiation can effectively dissolve the marriage without all of the emotional turmoil of a trial - and the end results are often better for everyone involved.

Aggressive Advocate Protecting Your Interests

Iowa is an equitable property division state. As your law firm, we will advocate for your legal goals and help to negotiate a fair and equitable division of property. When litigation is unavoidable, we aggressively advocate for our clients' best interests. Our lawyer has extensive experience representing the rights and interests of individuals involved in complicated family law disputes.

Experienced Divorce Attorney Serving Central And Eastern Iowa

From our offices in Iowa City and Grinnell, Herbold Law PC, represents clients throughout the state of Iowa. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.