Our Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Can Guide You Toward A Resolution

When a couple mutually agrees to dissolve a marriage and is willing to work together to resolve any disagreements outside of the typical legal process, then it is possible to file a collaborative divorce. Even if the parties do not follow all of the procedures to have a formal collaborative divorce, working together to end a marriage peacefully can save time and money. It can also reduce the emotional toll taken by a high conflict divorce.

Herbold Law PC provides legal assistance to couples working through the inherent collaborative divorce. In Iowa, attorneys cannot represent both parties in a divorce, because of a conflict of interest. However, sometimes parties will reach an agreement and then have one attorney primarily draft the documents necessary to finalize the divorce.

An Efficient And Cost-Effective Process

In a collaborative divorce, the attorney might merely be drafting documents to formalize an agreement reached by the parties and performing due diligence to make sure the parties know what they are agreeing to sign. Or, the attorney may be working with the other party's lawyer to draft the documents together. If disagreements arise, the attorneys can help the parties work out the disagreements and keep on track toward an efficient and cost-effective resolution to the case.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

The Herbold Law PC offices provide a convenient location to facilitate client meetings, mediations, and other formats for negotiation.

An Experienced Attorney To Handle Your Divorce Settlement

From our offices in Iowa City and Grinnell, Herbold Law PC represents clients in Poweshiek and Johnson counties, as well as nearby counties. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced collaborative divorce attorney.