Making Child Custody Work For Your Children

A judge will use what he or she considers to be the best interests of the child when making decisions concerning child custody and child support. Herbold Law PC will advocate for your best interests and legal objectives in child custody and child support contests.

As your lawyer, we will sit down and discuss your goals, talk about the situation and identify the best method for reaching a practical and efficient resolution. Our firm is here to act as strong advocates for your goals.

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Child Custody Representation

Having a clear custody order and parenting schedule protects your legal rights as a parent. It can also help protect a child from the possibility of getting caught in the middle of a dispute between his or her parents.

  • Primary physical care/visitation - One parent has parenting time with the child(ren) for a greater amount of time than the other parent and may have a greater ability to make certain decisions in relation to the child.
  • Shared physical care - Both parents have parenting time with the child for approximately an equal amount of time. The parents generally have equal decision-making abilities.

Establishing physical custody and a parenting schedule does not have to be a long or complicated process. If both parties come to a reasonable agreement on individual responsibilities and the schedule, the court will generally uphold those decisions. No one knows your situation better than you do, which is why the best arrangements for everyone involved are often negotiated between the parents through mediation, negotiation or private discussions. However, it is sometimes necessary to aggressively advocate for a certain custody arrangement in court when the parents have differing views as to what is in the best interest of the child(ren).

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