Experienced Guidance Through Probate And Estate Administration

If you are an estate executor or administrator, you have important (and sometimes overwhelming) responsibilities. Finalizing a loved one's affairs can be challenging from a legal perspective. It is only made more difficult if the deceased did not establish a secure estate plan through wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and other crucial documents.

At Herbold Law PC, we can make sure estate administration is handled properly according to your loved one's wishes and in the interest of heirs and beneficiaries. If he or she did not have a will or other estate planning documents in place, we can help ensure the estate is handled as efficiently and effectively as possible in probate.

Protecting You As An Estate Administrator Or Estate Executor

You are now dealing with someone else's estate. This means you will have to deal with heirs and beneficiaries who are either stated in the deceased estate documents or are not stated but have legal standing to raise objections to those documents.

As an estate executor, you have responsibilities to the estate itself as well as to heirs and beneficiaries. You will need to file a petition with the proper probate court. You will need to notify heirs or heirs at law (if no will exists) of the estate entering probate. You will need to notify outstanding creditors, pay final debts and distribute assets to heirs and beneficiaries.

You have a fiduciary duty to act in the interest of all heirs and beneficiaries, even if you are also a beneficiary. Failure to do so can leave you personally liable for wrongdoing and may lead to litigation against you.

An Attorney Can Make A Difference

Make sure you have an experienced lawyer to guide you through this process. It will provide a more effective transition for you and your loved ones. Do not be surprised if a will ends up in dispute as you go through the probate process. Our experience in trial and litigation has helped us resolve such disputes across legal disciplines. If you are struggling with a will dispute or will contest, we can handle the full scope of your legal needs.

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